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NewLaw law firms are known to be innovative, accessible and cost transparent. So far, innovation in the Australian legal services market has mostly focussed on the marketing, packaging and delivery of the service rather than any change to the service itself.

Internet technology is enabling this type of innovation. The prevalence and declining cost of such technology is making it possible for any law firm to become more “NewLaw”.

Some of the more common traits of NewLaw law firms are:

  • Free legal documents
  • Ability to generate customised “self-service” legal documents online from precedents
  • Legal resources for the self-represented or part self-represented litigant
  • Plain language communication – often utilising online videos
  • Subscription and / or fixed fee pricing

Successful execution and promotion brings results. While it is a lot of work moving down this path, new technology continues to make it cheaper and easier. An example of a small US law firm that has become NewLaw is described by Robert Ambrogi and can be found at