Crowd & Co has announced the launch of its latest technology, LawComparator, a complete online solution for managing legal spend and analysing performance of external legal providers.

LawComparator provides in-house teams with the ability to take control of their engagement with external legal providers through detailed financial analytics, internal review and team rating tools. GCs can quickly see where their legal budget has been spent allowing them to have more informed discussions with providers and internal stakeholders.

Coupled with the ability to interact with law firms and independent legal consultants on the Crowd & Co marketplace, this product provides GCs with a complete solution to better engage with external legal providers.

Jarred Hardman, Founder and CEO of Crowd & Co, says the application provides a fresh alternative to the traditional way of managing external legal providers. “We have long recognised the need for quality business intelligence to manage legal budgets more effectively and drive a better deal. The traditional method of billing can be costly and subjective with limited or no data captured during the billing process, and invoices reviewed on a ‘gut instinct’ basis. LawComparator provides the in-house team with the financial analysis they need to take control of their legal spend, coupled with qualitative data to help them make better informed decisions.”

GCs can also use LawComparator to create a constant feedback loop with each of their external providers, giving them access to data on how they rate against the corporate’s other legal providers. This is much needed feedback for law firms, enabling them to improve their service offering based on client needs.

The application comes backed by the industry with LawComparator’s intuitive interface developed with input from lawyers and leading Australian corporate counsels. The online solution boasts several key features including dashboard and reporting, spend analysis, matter and law firm financial analysis as well as approval workflows, rating system and team reviews, and invoice management.

LawComparator is available to in-house teams now by registering at: